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elizabeth berrien's bbc wire sculpture illustration wins the Clio award 2008.




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Why Do I Live in Humboldt county?

From The Humboldt Beacon, March 9, 2006: By Elizabeth Berrien
horseback riding on the beach

Linda Wahlund rides horseback on a peaceful Humboldt County beach.

I was first drawn to move here by the sheer abundance of natural beauty. We are surrounded by it. Every day brings home the awareness of proximity to the very edge of a continent. Restlessly shifting tectonic plates beneath us, heavy thundershowers above, lend an awareness that nature can surprise us any time.

There's such a joy to seeing a colony of egret nests from the heart of downtown, or herons intently fishing by the roadside. Our sky, when not leaden and drizzling, is a clear lucid blue. Our majestic redwoods, when not shaven and scrubbed from the landscape, are proud and glorious. Our air, when not occluded by a whiff from the pulp mill, carries a tantalizing collection of aromas - salt sea air, roasting coffee, fresh mown hay.

Elizabeth Berrien's farm
"Rancho Bar Berrien, nestled in a small vally surrounded by redwoods. The views are glorious...

When we moved to Eureka in 1989, we were astonished to discover how many artists were already here. Humboldt County was just gaining recognition as a newly unveiled art colony, with a heavy concentration of high caliber fine arts and contemporary crafts. As with all good art colonies, the availability of great eateries, music and theatre lend to the overall ambience.
This is a very unusual artist community. We don't just live and work here - we are an active part of the community. We give til it hurts when the non-profits need art for their fundraisers. We take an interest in politics, and add our voices and energy to matters that concern us.
mustang grazing
Elizabeth's mustang Dutch grazes in the farm's lush pasture.

We have fun, and share it with our neighbors. Some artists' fun developed into the Kinetic Sculpture Races, the Rural Burl Mural Bureau, and Pastels on the Plaza. Lots of artists go into the schools, to get kids started on a creative mind-set that may become a second or third generation artist.

What I love the most about being here, and what send my roots right to the heart of the earth, is the community itself. Folks who can't find a job, make one of their own. That's what working artists are all about - a clean, light industry creating high-quality goods that bring in revenue from out of town.

Somehow, wherever else I've lived, I've always felt that I just didn't fit in - too quirky, too introspective, too artsy. Now that I'm irreversibly enmeshed in Humboldt County's rich and diverse, truly eclectic community, I not only fit in, I feel almost conservative by comparison to the truly colorful personalities that abound.
It's wonderful being part of such a complex tapestry of a neighborhood. People look out for each other. Where else but in Humboldt County would I find the serendipity of an orthodontist who coaches me about web design, while I myself coach other artists about business. If the phone rings, it may be an east coast client placing a commission - or a neighbor calling for advice on wrangling geese. (I seem to have a knack).

It's not a question of why do I live here - it's how could I ever leave?

[Elizabeth Berrien is a highly acclaimed wire sculptor, whose hand-twisted figures of animals and humans are collected worldwide. Her website is at www.wirelady.com, phone (707) 445-4931]
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elizabeth berrien's bbc wire sculpture illustration wins the Clio award 2008.
CLIO 2008
elizabeth berrien's wire sculpture illustration wins two coveted cannes gold lions in 2008.
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elizabeth berrien's wire sculpture illustration wins two coveted Andy gold awards 2008.
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