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December 29, 2005
Christmas Rhino
My wife commissioned you to create a Black Rhino for my Christmas gift. I love it! The anatomy is perfect and energy in the positioning of the body parts makes one think it will continue walking across the fireplace mantle. Thank you for this original piece of art. - G.S.
rhino wire sculpture
Art Educator Finds "a Goldmine"
Dear Elizabeth Berrien,

I was looking around on the web... hit a goldmine with your website. Now I can show students examples of your work to inspire them as well as Calder's. I'm going to have my students include in their sculptures any bits and pieces they can think of...bottle caps, sea glass, branches, old junk jewelry...anything that is relatively sturdy. They can scavenge through the household junk-drawers at home. I like your idea about letting them experiment with wire first without any instruction. I will definitely let them do that!

Thanks for the great website,

Cathy Moore
The Bee's Knees Studio and Art Supply
Southbridge, MA 01550

Dear Cathy,

Thanks for the wonderful feedback! Good luck with your mixed media wire sculpture classes. Your students are lucky to have such an innovative instructor!

Elizabeth Berrien
December 20, 2005

Elizabeth's father, George Wyley Berrian, passed away this morning at the age of 85. Born and raised on the family ranch in Evergreen, Colorado, George served as navigator on the Lexington 16 during World War II. A retired naval commander, George went on in civilian life as an extremely skilled and knowledgeable meteorologist.

In retirement, George loved to tend the grounds of his 20-acre farm, a beautiful nature retreat.

george berrian
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December 26, 2005

This 2-dimensional, 7-foot Bounding Deer was the centerpiece of a holiday event at the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington, DC.
 wire sculpture deer
December 15, 2005

Is Global Warming Killing the Polar Bears?
polar bear wire sculpture
"Polar Bear on Shrinking Ice"
From the Dec 14 Wall Street Journal:

"Scientists... documented multiple deaths of polar bears off Alaska, where they likely drowned after swimming long distances... amid the melting of the Arctic ice shelf... READ MORE

Elizabeth Berrien's "Polar Bear on Shrinking Ice" wire sculpture is available for sale at $1,200.

50% of the proceeds form its sale will be donated directly to Greenpeace International's efforts to save the polar bears from extinction.
December 13, 2005
Last Minute Shopping
Most of the custom-order Christmas sculptures have been shipped out, and Elizabeth's flying fingers are weaving up a few last-minute requests that squeaked in "under the wire". If you're dying to give someone a very special wire sculpture in time for the holidays, call one of the Art Galleries to see what they have in stock. You'll find wire Horses, Hummingbirds, Bats, Cats, Foxes, Wolf Mask a Boar's Head, and more.

But call early for the best selection - Highlight Gallery, Woodland Grove Gallery and The Blacksmith Shop all report that their collection of Berrien wire sculpture is selling fast.
December 5, 2005

Visual merchandising is the esoteric art of enhancing goods to be sold by careful placement and juxtaposition to eye-catching art. Some of the world's most prominent design firms are among our client base.

We have several new pages of wire sculpture images for visual merchandising and retail display. Some, like the Gump's Easter window that started with 2 rabbits which multiplied rapidly to 32, have even been published in international design magazines.
 wire sculpture butterfly
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November, 2005
Art for the Holidays - Illuminated Wire Sculptures for Bel Villaggio
 wire sculptor elizabeth berrien installs lighted wire sculpture For those of you that didn't heard much from Elizabeth last month beyond "Well, I've got this deadline..." here's what it was all about - a series of seven 6 & 7ft 2-D wire sculptures to be created and installed, lighted by spotlights in time for the Nov 18th illumination ceremony in southern California.

Berrien quoted a time frame of 3 months for the project - and ended up with a crunch timetable of just FOUR WEEKS! "Since these works were entirely hand-twisted from heavy aluminum rods, I had to be ultra-careful not to over-stress my hands and wrists. I was so relieved to meet the deadline with fingers still in fine shape..."

Read an article about the decorations, which can be seen at Bel Villaggio shopping center til year end.
Alzheimer's care facility dumps Dod for 85th Birthday
As she and her husband prepared to deliver and install the Bel Villaggio sculptures, Elizabeth was plunged into a massive family emergency. Her mother was hospitalized at Scripps Memorial Hospital in San Diego. Meantime, a Washinton state alzheimer's care facility threatened to dump her father. Berrien and her husband drove 2,850 miles to tackle both problems - if you have a loved one in a care facility, be sure to read this!
NEW! Art Galleries with Elizabeth Berrien's wire sculptures
Now's the time to think about getting that special wire sculpture... Elizabeth is working on several wire animals and botanicals, which generally take 3 to 6 weeks for delivery.

There's still time to work in a few more in time for the holidays, but - if you want something that's ready right now and can be shipped out immediately, just contact one of the few select galleries that carry wirework by Elizabeth Berrien.
News from Wire Zoo - Half Past October, 2005


japanese maple leaf wire sculpture.
horse head wire sculpture
wire sculpture unicorn.
fish wire sculpture
wire sculpture dolphin.
Major Work for October - 5-ft aluminum Rearing Horse, private commission.

Major Works for November - Elizabeth Berrien is working on a commissioned site-specific collection of large-scale decorative wire sculptures for the upscale Bel Villaggio shopping center in Temecula, CA. Her works will be unveiled at an art & wine gala on the evening of November 18th.

Project for December - a 7-foot, 2-dimensional Wire Deer sculpture for an event at the Corcoran Art Gallery, in Washington DC.

Need to commission something special for the holidays, an unforgettable gift for a loved one? Please - order early - so Elizabeth can balance her wirework schedule and still find time for sleep!
See loads of exciting new wire sculptures in these sections:
arabian horse wire sculpture
alder leaf wire sculpture.
puli wire sculpture by Elizabeth Berrien.
andalusian horse wire sculpture
phoenix wire sculpture.
croc wire sculpture by Elizabeth Berrien.
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News from Wire Zoo - October, 2005
deer wire sculpture
By Popular Demand -

3 Wire Deer Pages

Tis the season - so we've gathered up a full collection of Elizabeth's Christmasy wire deer. There's lots to choose from, 2D and 3D, large and small.

Special orders take 3 to 6 weeks, so now's the time to arrange for a holiday show stopper!

To help decide what size and style of wire animal you want, we've posted our new Pricing Guide
coelecanth tail cuff wire sculpture
Coelecanth Tail Cuff in copper wire
Wearable Art

Elizabeth Berrien applies her usual attention to fine detailing in a series of intricate, one-of-a-kind custom jewelry and other wearable art. While the cuff featured here is in bright copper wire, most are in 24 karat gold fill wire.

Elizabeth Berrien, Animal Communicator Linda Wahlund at September event
Linda Wahlund is also a Reiki Master and reflexologist, with an intuitive gift for tapping into animals' souls.

Read Linda Wahlund's gentle essay on coping with the loss of an animal, It's Raining cats and Dogs
NEW! Definition of Wire Sculpture
Believe it or not, until Elizabeth Berrien wrote it, there was none! Google it up, and see for yourself... Berrien recently submitted the term "wire sculpture" to the Oxford English Dictionary. As she says, "There must have been a time when oil painting and watercolors weren't listed, either..."
NEW! Wirist News
for wire sculptors and members of Wire Sculpture International.
Enter the international wire sculpture competition, and check out the call for wire sculptors!
NEW! More Workshop IFAQ's, advice and hints for the weird and wonderful...
Elizabeth Berrien answers questions from online wire sculpture workshop participants... everything from how to make a boulder for a church pagaent, to fathoming the Dread Hinge Effect!
NEW! More Wire Sculpture in the News
NEW! Elizabeth Berrien discusses her Creative Process and Wire Technique
NEW! Elizabeth Berrien describes her creative mentor, Kenneth Curran
Since this site was launched in fall of 2004, Berrien has received a deluge of inquiries for private and corporate commissions by architects and designers who insist on "the very best wire sculpture". Recently requested proposals include full-scale humans, north American wildlife, equines, and an elephant. The artist is also preparing a series of 2D wire images for licensing onto a product line.

NEW! Art Educators Assign Students to Research Elizabeth Berrien
"Good day. I am a 13-yr-old student from Singapore and I have been asked to do a research on you, Elizabeth Berrien and another artist, Alexander Calder for my art class..."

Art professors and graduate students from around the world are researching Elizabeth Berrien's truly innovative wire sculpture. We get inquiries from Europe, Japan, Australia, South America, Canada and the US...
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elizabeth berrien's bbc cables wire sculpture illustration wins the Clio award 2008.
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elizabeth berrien's bbc cable wire sculpture illustration wins two coveted cannes gold lions in 2008.
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elizabeth berrien's bbc cable wire sculpture illustration wins two coveted Andy gold awards 2008.
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elizabeth berrien's bbc cable wire sculpture illustration wins one show gold pencil awards 2008.
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elizabeth berrien's wire sculpture illustration wins double grand awards at London International Awards2008.
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