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elizabeth berrien's bbc wire sculpture illustration wins the Clio award 2008.









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A pioneer in the field of contemporary wire sculpture since 1968, Elizabeth Berrien integrates textile technique and engineering theory to create an innovative, non-traditional medium of hand-twisted, single-strand wire sculpture of resilient and cohesive forms.

Berrien's sculptures are personal translations of the inner essence spirit of animals and humans; they have inspired a whole new generation of wire sculptors. Her landmark works are in museums, galleries, restaurants, parks, airports and private collections worldwide. In 2004 Elizabeth Berrien founded Wire Sculpture International, the worldwide guild of wire sculptors.

Art educators and researchers from around the world study the works of Elizabeth berrien alongside those of Alexander Calder.

"Contemporary metal sculpture continues... from monumental abstract works by Henry Moore to delicate, intricate wire sculptures by Elizabeth Berrien." - Paula Swensen, History of Metal Sculpture
wire sculptor elizabeth berrien stands inside a wire bear
T-Rex, Disney World at Orlando This 8ft h x 13 ft long Dinosaur was commissioned as focal sculpture for a new and exclusive VIP lounge within Animal Kingdom.
wire sculpture t-rex
The James M. Harris Collection Hobart Tasmania: An ongoing collection of over seventy Berrien sculptures: retrospective dating back to 1970. Most recently commissioned: Pigasus, 7-ft flying Yorkshire sow, awarded People's Choice at Humboldt County Fair

Sport Series A series of athletic forms including runners, gymnasts, soccer players, equestrians etc, instigated by international sport consultant Richard Cecil

Firefighter 5 x 7 ft Bas relief mural for San Francisco Fire Credit Union. Firefighters lent their authentic turnout gear to the artist as reference for authenticity.

Millennium Grizzly 8ft high Bear sculpture for journalist/novelist Alexander Cockburn.

Ranger, the Billy Goat life-sized portrait of goat for private collector

Two Koalas Private commission, landscape installation on live eucalyptus trees.
Coyote Pair Commissioned by head of California native Plant Society for eventual installation on bluff overlooking Pacific Ocean. wire sculptor elizabeth berrien made this pair of wire sculpture coyotes for the head of the california Native Plant Society.
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Dueling Queen Bees, Randall Museum, San Francisco 3ft. wire sculpture insects commissioned by the head of the San Francisco Beekeepers' Association.

Chinese Dragon mixed media multi-colored wires, Integral Healing Center

Tiger Woods portrait of golf champion; private commission

Leaping Salmon bas relief pair of 4ft Salmon, Eureka Natural Foods
Pegasus, Louisville International Airport 13ft long, 17ft wingspan, central focus of airport; aluminum sculpture commissioned specifically to combat travel fatigue. Upon installation, human traffic pattern at the airport altered radically and concentrated around the sculpture. Pegasus has become a beloved city landmark.
airport pegasus wire sculpture
Dog and Cat Masks Sequoia Humane Society, to commemmorate its transformation to a no-kill shelter. Wire sculptures were dedicated to the spirits of all animals euthanized at the facility during its years under county contract.

During the dedication ceremony, animal commnicator Linda Wahlund gave blessings to bring peace to the souls of animals that had died, and closure to humans who grieved for the loss of beloved companions.
Sea Turtle E. Kirkpatrick, mixed-media Topiary

Ink People Center for the Arts Outdoor bas-relief wire mural. Elements are bas-relief Pacific Northwest wildlife, casting shadows that vary with time and seasons.

Paperclip Pegasus, incorporating paper-clip wire manufactured by client, Bekaert Wire Co.

Panthers and Gazelles, Usui Design, Tokyo, Japan: architectural commission for corporate boardroom design; as a result of this commission, the artist was invited to prepare a traveling exhibition of her works in Japan.

Puma, site-specific sculpture fitted to the contours of a boulder at the entrance to the owner's property

Bobcat, Ripple and Trout Bobcat reaching downward to pat water, Trout rising to ripple created by Bobcat (an observed fishing method by some bobcats

Hand in Hand, sculpture presented as award by national adoption organization

Autumn Leaves and Flowers, sculptures presented as awards to California Art Educators of the Year

American Morgan Horse Association: Morgan Stallion life-sized breed standard created as central focus for the AMHA Grand National, cover of Morgan Horse Magazine.

Stretching Panther, 7ft long, commissioned to complement the contours of the living tree in which it was installed; private commission

Larry Niven: Fithp, 15-ft rendition of the alien from Niven's bestseller "Footfall"

Mr. Lex Nakashima, Tyrannosaurus Lex, 8ft aluminum dinosaur/landscape piece
Los Angeles Zoo Collection California Condor, Bongo, Sable Antelope, Black Rhino, Cheetah in Pursuit of Gazelle. Funded by grants from the ARCO Foundation, IBM and private donors. Because of the California Condor's uncertain future, the artist was admitted to the Condor Research Project's blinds several times for direct observations and the greatest accuracy possible. Zookeepers recognized the finished sculpture as a specific individual condor. wire sculpture condor
Girl Scout Council of Orange County: Red-Tailed Hawk, Bobcat, installed as educational/interpretive elements of newly constructed nature center.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hendricks: Watch Dragon, 9ft long, installed in cathedral ceiling entryway of a private home.

Mr. and Mrs. Porter-Washington, CA: Keeshond for the owner-breeders of the Keeshond Breed Standard

Trust for Public Lands: Everglades Kite for presentation to the person responsible for implementing the endangered birds' protection

b>Jong & Jong Associates AIA, Berkeley CA: Snake and Rat, interpretation of Chinese Zodiac.

James Vincek, DDS, Oakland CA: Night Steed, Black Eagle
Leaping Elk Site Specific installation for a private lodge in the Colorado rockies, 1991 wire sculpture wapiti elk
Griffon Restaurant, Berkeley CA: Gryphon/Goblet 7-ft central sculpture

Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco: "200 Hummingbirds"

Liberty House, San Francisco Wings of Wonder Pegasus theme for department store Christmas windows and interior decor; published in Visual Merchandising Magazine.

Berkeley Shakespeare Festival: Phoenix, 25-foot kinetic sculptural installation for the production of Cymbeline
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Main Street Gallery, Weaverville CA, 2010
Highlight Gallery, Mendocino, 2005
Bayside Post Office, 2005
Humboldt County Fair, 2004
Redwood Acres, Eureka CA (traveling exhibit) 2004
Salon Eclips, 2003-2004
Morris Graves Museum of Art (travelling exhibit), 2002
Fort Bragg, (traveling exhibit) 2001- 2002
Hayward City Hall (traveling exhibit), 2001
Highlight Gallery, Mendocino, 1997
Pan-Pacific International Exposition, 1997
Essential Elements, Go for Baroque, Princeton NJ, 1996
Spirits of Africa Nature Company/Tom Wrubel Gallery, Concord MA, 1995
Berrien Sculpture Garden at Fieldbrook Winery, 1994
Gump's, San Francisco, 1993 & 1994
Mojave Wires, Maturango Desert Museum, Ridgcrest CA, 1993
Highlight Gallery, Mendocino CA, Annual Exhibits 1986-1993
Kodiak!, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, 1992
Hall of Mirrors, sculptural collaboration with blacksmith Don Butler, 1992
Retrospective, Coyote Point Museum, San Mateo, CA, 1991
Neiman Marcus, San Diego CA: two exhibits, 1991
The Hudson Bay Company, Vancouver, BC Canada, 1990
Wildlife Wireworks, Coyote Point museum, San Mateo CA, 1987
San Bernadino County Museum, Redlands CA, 1986
Courtyard Sculptures of E. Berrien, Irvine Fine Arts Center, CA, 1986
Los Angeles County Museum, 1985
Gump's, San Francisco/Houston/Dallas/Beverly Hills 1982 thru 1985
Karen Asher Gallery, Palm Springs, Annual Exhibits 1982-1988
John F. Kennedy Library, Richmond CA, 1980
Wonders in Wire, Prism Crescents Gallery, Berkeley CA, 1978
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Worldcon (Chicon7) World Science Fiction Convention Art Show: Top Award, Fan Favorite, 2012Westercon Art Show, 2012, Best of Show
Redwood Art Association, 2011, Susy “Q” Zink Memorial Award - Art that makes one Wonder, Chuckle or Stretch the Imagination
Morris Graves Museum of Art, 2010
Canadian Museum of Civilization/American Museum of Natural History, traveling exhibit, "Mythic Beasts", 2009
Godwit Days International Bird Festival, 2009
Calgary Stampede Metal Arts Showcase (invitational), 2008
Museum of Contemporary Art, 2005
Humboldt Arts Council, 2004
Redwood Art Association, 2004
Humboldt County Fair, 2003, Best of Show
California State Fair Best of Show Competition, Award of Excellence, 2003
Redwood Acres Fair, First prize, 2003
Humboldt County Fair, Best of Show, 2002
Christopher Reeve Foundation Fundraiser and Black Tie Auction
California State Fair Best of Show Competition, Award of Excellence, 1997
Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens - landscaping with sculptural elements, 1997
Redwood Acres Fair: 3 awards, Best of Show, 1997
Eureka Art Center, 1997
Redwood Art Association, 1997
Rhododendron Festival Parade float (top award), 1997
Deal Me In, artists' invitational card deck, Ink People Center for Arts, 1996
Humboldt Arts Council Invitational Art Auction, 1993 - 1997
California State Fair/Humboldt County Booth Design, Gold Medal, 1996
Redwood Acres Fair: First, Second, Third Best of Show, 1996
Humboldt County Fair, Popular Vote, 1996
Planned Parenthood Invitational Art Auction, 1996
North Coast Recycled Art Expo, 1996
Tom Wrubel Gallery, Concord MA, 1995-1996
26th Annual International Kinetic Sculpture Race vehicle, 1995
Grizzly, National Wildlife Federation, 1995
Humboldt Light Opera Company, 1995
Stanford University Committee for the Arts, 1994
Clarke Memorial Museum, 1993
Interlacings invitational, Humboldt Handweavers Guild, 1993
International Powwow, New Orleans, 1993
Wild Animal Show, The Nature Company, 1992
Art in the Wild Invitational, Marine World/Africa USA, 1992
Humboldt County Fair, two awards, 1992
Designers Showcase Invitational, La Galleria, San Francisco, 1991
California State Fair Best of Show Competition, 1991, Award of Excellence
South Lake Tahoe Public Arts Program, CA 1991
American Craft Series, Concord, MA, 1991
Mercedes Benz Invitational Art Exhibit, 1991
Holiday Design Showcase, La Galleria, San Francisco, 1990
California Small Works, California Art Museum: Top Ten Award, 1990
Women's Art Show, Humboldt Cultural Center, Eureka CA, 1990: Award
Redwood Art Association, Eureka CA, 1990: Award
Humboldt County Fair, CA, 1990: Best of Show
Animals in Myth and Nature, Coyote Point Museum, San Mateo CA, 1990
Dinosaur Mania and Dinamation, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, 1989
Silicon Art Show, San Jose CA, 1989 Best Alternative Medium
CactusCon National Art Show 1989: Best of Show
Lompoc Valley Art Association, 1988: 3 awards, Best of Show
Worldcon Art Show, New Orleans, 1988
Marine Mammals in Art, Ford House Museum, Mendocino CA. 1987
Mendocino Art Center, CA, 1986, Award
Loscon the 13th, Pasadena CA, 1986 : Best 3-D
Halleycon Fantasy Art Exhibit, San Diego CA, 1986 : Best of Show
Loscon 12 Art Show, Pasadena CA; Award
Mzuri Wildlife Foundation International Art Exhibit 1986
Westercon Art Show, 1985; Best of Show
Gump's San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Dallas; 1982-1985
Sausalito Art Festival, CA, 1977-1978
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Ancestry Magazine (cover), Luxe, DogsUSA, CatsUSA, Southern Living, American Wire Journal, Morgan Horse Magazine (Cover), Saddle and Bridle, ASFA Quarterly, Coyote Point Museum Journal (Cover),Arts and Entertainment Magazine, Airport News, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, Inspiration Magazine, Visual Merchandising Magazine, Goodfellow Review of Wonderful Things, vol. II.

OTHER MEDIA: Various newscasts, video documentaries, etc.
EFRI: Invitation to join an elite team of scientists, educators and artists for NSF project, 2013
Invitation to exhibit in Hong Kong, 2013
Invitation to exhibit in Istabul, 2013
World Science Fiction Convention Art Show: Top Judges' Award, Fan Favorite, 2012
Westercon Art Show: Best of Show, 2012
Invitation to exhibit in Singapore, 2011
Eureka Arts Council: Invitational: 1-year outdoor public exhibition of “Dolphin Leap”, 2011
The Big Won: International #1 Innovative/Media, 2008
London International Awards: Double Grands and Double Gold: Design, Non-Traditional Media, 2008
CLIO Award, 2008
OBIE: Best of Show, Best Media, 2008
Cannes Festival: Double Gold Lions, 2008
One Show: Gold, 3 Silvers & Bronze Pencils, Outdoor & Environmental Design 2008
Art Directors Club: 2 Gold Cubes, 2008
Andy Awards, Double Gold, 2008
Victor Thomas Jacoby Award for Innovation in Art, 2005
Eureka Times-Standard: Ten Most Intriguing People in 1996
Selected Artist: Crocker Art Museum's Christmas display window at Macy's
Redwood Country Classic, Showcase Artist, 1996
Blue Ox Millworks & Historical Park: Artist in Residence, 1994-1999
Humboldt Arts Council, Honor for Contribution to the Arts, 1994
California Arts Council Artist in Residency Program, 1993
Harvard University International Women's Health Symposium, Logo Design, 1992
Book Jacket: Medical & Orthopedic Issues for Active & Athletic Women, 1993
Interlacings invitational exhibit, Humboldt Handweavers Guild, Guest Artist: 1993
Yuba City Prune Festival, CA: Guest of Honor, 1989
Los Angeles Zoo, CA: Artist in Residence, 1988
Mendocino Art Center/Daly's Mezzanine, CA: Artist in Residence 1986-1987
Marine World/Africa USA, CA: Artist in Residence, 1982-1985
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Workshop: Selling Art on the National Market, Ink People Center for the Arts, 1997
Workshop: Starting Up as a Professional Artist, College of the Redwoods, 1996-97
Lecture: Wire Sculpture in Fluid Form: Textile Approach, Crocker Art Museum, 1996
Workshops: Artists Survival Series, 1996
Workshop: Topiary Design, Blue Ox Historic Park, 1995
Lecture, Philosophical Roots of Creativity, Humboldt State University, 1995
Lecture, Arts Marketing, College of the Redwoods, 1994
Lecture, The Development of Creativity and Style, St Bernard's Academy, CA, 1994
Lecture, Non-Traditional Wire Sculpture, Stanford University Committee for Art 1994
Artist Lecture Series, 25 Year Retrospective, Ink People Center for the Arts 1993
Lecture, Textile Techniques in Metal Humboldt Handweavers Guild, 1993
Workshop Series: Survival Tips for the Mercenary Artist, 1993 - 1995
Slide Lecture: Twenty-Five Year Retrospective, Maturango Desert Museum, 1993
Lecture: Carving a Realist Career in the Arts, Centralia College, WA 1992
Lecture: Non-Trad Approaches to Design Theory, College of Redwoods, 1991
Lecture: Unleashing the Internal Artist, St Bernard's Academy, 1990
Worldcon, New Orleans: Survival Tips for the Working Artist, 1987
NASFIC, Phoenix, Panelist: Thinking, Exploring, and Creating in 3 Dimensions 1987
LosCon Turning Mental Blocks into Building Blocks: Creative Problem Solving Techniques for Artists and Writers, 1986
Westercon CA, Panelist: Creative Time Management for the Working Artists, 1985 Marine World/Africa USA: Artist in Residence, 1983-1985

Founder, Wire Sculpture International, worldwide guild of wire sculptors
Owner, Berrien's Wire Zoo
Business Manager, ARTWEEK Magazine
Facilitator/Liaison between Humboldt Arts Council and Eureka Main Street
President, Board Camp Homeowners Association
Accountant, Global Associates
Former Mensa member (IQ 165)
Head Art Judge, Kinetic Grand Championship
Level III Reiki Master
EDUCATION: Extesively self-educated.
b. 1950
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"...the finest wire sculptor alive today."
North American museum curators

"The finest wire sculptor we have ever seen."
Michael Lafferty, Gump's

"One of the world's foremost wire sculptors" Michael Ball, author of Wire Magic

"This outstanding exhibit generated more delight and enthusiasm than any other we have held at our museum. Our only regret is that we booked it for only two months; six would have been much better".
Amy Dawson, Director, Randall Museum, San Francisco

"An absolutely outstanding wildlife sculptor. To see a Berrien sculpture is to gain an instantaneous understanding of the very essence of a creature's spirit."
Dr. Donald Linsdale, Curator, Oakland Museum

Berrien's magnificent Pegasus sculpture has become a beloved landmark. It has permanently affected the flow of foot traffic within this airport.
James F. Thompson, Chairman, Louisville International Airport

"...a pioneer in the field of textile wire sculpture..."
Lolli Jacobsen, Textile Arts Director, Mendocino Art Center

"...thanks for your outstanding lecture and demonstration at the Crocker Art Museum. Those who approached me afterward said it was the best they had ever attended..."
Norma Kelson, Program Director Kingsley Art Club, Crocker Art Museum

"...while I generally do not make referrals for artists, I am holding [Berrien's] material to show the other curators at our next meeting..."
Valerie Fletcher, Curator, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

"We would consider booking (your) show... You have a unique and fascinating approach to sculpture. I was most intrigued by it. It certainly shows your ingenuity and artistic ability."
Nancy W.Beers, Administrative Director, National Geographic Society Explorers Hall

"...you are the recipient of a cash award for your entry in 'California Small Works'. Thanks so much for contributing to the quality and diversity of the show..."
Duane Jones, Director, California Museum of Art

"Since your last show with us generated more excitement and sales than any previous artworks shown in the same space, we invite you to exhibit with us again..."
Shelley Stefanyszyn, Event Coordinator, Neiman-Marcus

"It it certainly unique and wonderful. We have never seen anything like this before."
Steven Makovenyi, Exhibit Director, Smithsonian Institute

"Your wire sculptures are amazing; truly breathtaking! I have been a fan of Calder.. that is how I was introduced to wire sculpture, but your work goes way beyond even Calder! If I hit the lottery I would love to fill my house and yard with your work...simply WOW!!"
Aileen Hammer, educator
EDUCATION: Self educated as a wire sculptor since 1968.

b. 1950
World Class Wire Sculpture · Elizabeth Berrien (707) 362-2771 · email wireladye@yahoo.com

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elizabeth berrien's bbc cables wire sculpture illustration wins the BIG WON award for #1 Innovative and Alternative 2008.
#1 Worldwide

elizabeth berrien's bbc cables wire sculpture illustration wins the Clio award.
elizabeth berrien's bbc cable wire sculpture illustration wins two coveted cannes gold lions in 2008.
Cannes Festival
Double Gold
elizabeth berrien's bbc cable wire sculpture illustration wins two coveted ADC gold cubes in 2008
elizabeth berrien's bbc cable wire sculpture illustration wins the coveted Obie Best of Show award 2008.
Best of Show
elizabeth berrien's bbc cable wire sculpture illustration wins two coveted Andy gold awards 2008.
Dbl Gold
elizabeth berrien's bbc cable wire sculpture illustration wins one show gold pencil awards 2008.
One Show
elizabeth berrien's wire sculpture illustration wins double grand awards at London International Awards2008.
London International
Dbl Grand
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