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February 13, 2006

Beautiful work. I wish I could have one of those little sculptures! I'm writing from Portugal. Please... discover the work of a man that also uses wire. He made my wire profile in less than 2 minutes! It was also amazing. He's quite old, and lives in a caravan with cats in the city of Coimbra. Quite an artist too!

Maria Fernandes
February 2, 2006

I am a Junior at Yorktown High School in Indiana... my whole sculpture class LOVES your work. You are truly talented and you have an amazing story of how you are self taught, I think it's wonderful. Keep doing great work

Tameria Kline

January 17, 2005
I am really impressed by your work, I too am a wire artist who goes beyond with the wire.I was raised in zimbabwe with nothing to play with and had to make my own toys to play with,I did not like the idea at first since other kids were being given their toys to play with and I had to make my own.I am thankful now ,because where ever I show my art it just draws the attention of many . Please let me know when you are in North Carolina... Thank you for sharing your talent with the world - Jonathon Daniel - [note: Jonathon's stellar wirework earned him a membership and listing in Wire Sculpture International and our Directory of Wire Sculptors]
December 29, 2005
My wife commissioned you to create a Black Rhino for my Christmas gift. I love it! The anatomy is perfect and energy in the positioning of the body parts makes one think it will continue walking across the fireplace mantle. Thank you for this original piece of art. - G.S.
rhino wire sculpture
So sorry for the loss of your father. It is a sad time of year to lose a loved one - an aunt and a cousin pass away this holiday season in my family. I've passed along your site to one of my friends who is a wire artist also. Hopefully she will find some inspiration from your success as she builds her own art reputation. Namaste, Donna Woodka

Several months ago I became fascinated with wire: holding it, bending it, curling it, twisting it... I have tried and tried to think of what I can "do" to create something. DOn't want just jewelry. Stumbling upon your site truly inspires me! At this point I cannot imagine ever making such majestic pieces of art, but just looking at what you have done tells me that you love that feel of wire in your hands as well. I will look at your workshops and hopefully do something that just flows out of me. - Mary Smart

I am making wire sculptures at school and I was amazed at how hard it was to bend and shape the wire. So now, after looking through your work, I can fully appreciate what a gift you have and what an amazing artist you are! - Abigail wongull

hy.im one of d wire and string art lover.m really amazed to c ur brilliant work,its really superb! i ve been working on some animals n botanical sculpture include 2d artwork few years back, but m wondering what kinda wire shall i use to produce good work n where can i easily get it? m looking forward to your reply....thnx. MAROL. from Brunei, Darussalam. Marol Tajuddin

Hello Nick and Elizabeth! would love to pop out and say hi soon, and also would like to talk a little business (animals) plus I have a few farm related items you might be interested in. Also..... I'm a grandmother as of aug.29, to a babygirl named Nayellie Lynn Johnson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes so perfect, and Im so proud! You can e-mail me back and give me an idea of your schedule and what days are good and what arent. Sincerely, chris Bremer

I just saw a photo in our local paper from a lady who made a wire sculpture of a horse. I was amazed! I had to see more. That is when I found your site. Your work is beautiful!! I have only worked with wood and clay,but I am now interested in trying my hand at wire sculpting. Thank-you for the insperation you have given me. Wish me luck! Penny Shanks

...Dad gave me your link and I'm blown away! You still amaze me after all these years. I see that you've honed it to a perfection, although, I could never find a flaw way back when... Jenna is flying to Louiville tomorrow and when I saw what's in storage there I almost hit the floor! WHAT A GORGEOUS PIECE OF WORK!!! *Congratulations* You are a huge inspiration and I love you! (((Peace and love to you always))) Holly D

I'm surfing the web for wire sculpture... your work is head and shoulders above everything else I found...

7/22/2005 Elizabeth Berrien is a fabulous artist, with an amazing talent to construct wire sculptures.
Kim Chelevette

Elizabeth, I am so excited about finding your web gallery. ... Your background and absolutely incredible wire sculptures are most inspirational! I think I'm so facinated by this type of sculpture because the finished art is like looking at the essence of the animal. It's like the soul of the animal is there. It makes you take a second look, smile and walk on. I thank you for sharing all your information about your creating process. You truly inspire me!
- Karen Thomas

You're the Queen of Wire - Wow! I am so very impressed with your works and thanks for your generosity in sharing your methods. I am a wire sculptor too and I have been sculpting for 3 years... I Love you and you are my new Idol. My best plessiur
- Susanne from Sweden

I am bewitched your art! Do you offer any online course about it? I will be pleased attending classes, but I am living in Brazil -

maine coon cat wire sculpture by Elizabeth Berrien My father loved the cat. My brother and niece were recently with him and he was still gushing over it! I am going to be sending you a photograph of the three cats together and I am hoping you can do the other two (perhaps in the positions that you described in a recent e mail)... Thank you again for your beautiful sculpture and thoughtfulness.
Sincerely, Gabrielle Miller
Thanks for your generosity in sharing your methods, tools and supplies with the interested public. Very much appreciated.
Diana Maull 7/4/2005

I'm doing an art project on art sculptures...and i would like to know more about you. Like your famous artworks, inspiration and the materials you like to use.
Sa. 7/1/2005

Love your work...
UK Bronze Foundry Butterfly Bronze 6/26/2005


I am totally in awe. I have never seen anything like this awe inspiring wire sculpture before. I cannot find any words to describe what I have seen in this gallery ... I'm totally blown away - you are my inspiration."
Ute Koskie, Australia 5/30/2005

Elizabeth, you are truely an original, one of a kind wire sculpturer. I am very impressed. After seeing your work, I am surprised you noticed and appreciated my work. No comparision. Hope you make it to Slovakia. Bardukian 5/25/2005

You're the Queen of Wire... C.S., Wire jeweler

Your work is lovely. - Jean Noon, wire sculptor

- took a peek at your site and WOW, what beautiful art pieces you have, you are now my new Idol.

I have been sculpting for over 30 years and have paid little attention to the use of wire... Your website is like a breath of fresh air. When will workshop 3 begin? I am eager to learn... Thanks for being so open and encouraging."
J. H., sculptor

I have several of Elizabeths' amazing pieces in my home. They capture the essense of the animals and bring their energy into my home.
Linda Wahlund, Animal communicator & Reiki Master

As an artist who creates wire sculpture I am very impressed with your sculpture and amazed they are made of different wires cut and twisted. You must be able to see each strand and follow it with your eye naturally -
Kate de Jude wire sculptor.

I was just admiring your work at the Highlight Gallery in Mendocino yesterday... have been a fan of wire sculpture and line drawings for several years. I especially enjoy the work of Paul Klee, Constantin Milonadis, George Ricky, Pablo Picasso, Calder and now Elizabeth Berrien. I am especially impressed by the individual technique you have developed that makes your work instantly recognizable. I studied your work from the perspective of trying to conceive of how they are constructed, and I am just further astonished.
G.G., wire sculptor

How talented you are and you have a great, comprehensive website! I am an artist who is going to teach a summer art camp and I want to incorporate wire sculptures... Thank you for your help and inspiration.

I like the advocacy for wire sculpture your website promotes -
G.G., wire sculptor

You are one hugely talented lady! Before I Googled up your site, I had the idea of trying to sculpt something with wire or clay (since I'm not much with sketching), and seeing your fantastic work has gotten me fired up and eager to give it a go. Just wire and a pair of cutters - doesn't get any cheaper than that! Thanks for the burst of inspiration...

Hi, I looked at your web site... most impressed, and I'm not easily impressed... I thought it would be fun to talk to someone of your caliber. I live and work in the NYC metro area where art is appreciated and money is no object - j.f., wire sculptor

i think the sculpture pictures on your website are really really awesome!!!!!!

I am a wire sculptor, and I love LOVE LOVE Elizabeth's work -
Angela Hook, wire sculptor

Best damn wire sculptor I ever saw...
Nick Viesselman

Your wire sculptures are amazing; truly breathtaking! I have been a fan of Calder.. that is how I was introduced to wire sculpture, but your work goes way beyond even Calder! If I hit the lottery I would love to fill my house and yard with your work...simply WOW!!...
Arlene Hammer

May I say, your work is inspired and it has inspired me... - J.B.

I enjoyed your site and plan on letting others know about it...

First, let me say that I think your work is magnificent...
Sal Villano, wire sculptor

I very much like your work as it achieves a feeling of both character & movement for what can become quite an 'anonymous' material, & I think making 2d as well as 3d work is very interesting indeed.
E. M.

I am so very impressed with your work. The Coyote Pair I believe is my favorite. Then again it's hard to pick, with so many beautiful sculptures.

amazing work...
Laura Antebi, wire sculptor

4/9/2005 "I have been working in wire for about 5 years, but mainly 2D. I now want to explore 3D wire work and find your work inspirational. Living on the south coast of Western Australia in a small town makes it difficult to meet other wire enthusiasts."
- Liz Turnbull, wire sculptor

Your art is inspirational. It captures the essence of the spirit and the soul of your subjects. - Mrs. Desmond Hoppe

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elizabeth berrien's bbc wire sculpture illustration wins the Clio award 2008.
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