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elizabeth berrien's bbc wire sculpture illustration wins the Clio award 2008.






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shopper wire sculpture by wire sculptor Elizabeth Berrien

"Lana has created quite a buzz... Of course all the "creatives" here had to have their input... we are pleased... stunning."

-- Fran Wilson, Production Director, Marketing Magic, Inc, describing Lana, site specific display for
Bal Harbour Shops in Florida - ranked by Women's Wear Daily as the #1 shopping center in the US.
Elizabeth Berrien was born in 1950. At 13, she was admitted to mensa, where she had a memorable meeting with Buckminster Fuller. As a high school sophomore she came in sixth in a statewide math competition against a field of juniors and seniors. Her love for plane geometry and topology were vital to her later explorations. One of the world's foremost wire sculptors, she pioneered her own form of textile-based, hand-twisted, non-traditional wire sculpture in 1968. She is the winner of the 2005 Victor Jacoby Award ($3,500) for Innovation and Excellence in Art.

...the finest wire sculptor alive today North American museum curators

The finest wire sculptor we have ever seen. Michael Lafferty, Gump's

One of the world's foremost wire sculptors Michael Ball, author of Wire Magic

This outstanding exhibit generated more delight and enthusiasm than any other we have held at our museum. Our only regret is that we booked it for only two months; six would have been much better.

Amy Dawson, Director, Randall Museum, San Francisco

An absolutely outstanding wildlife sculptor. To see a Berrien sculpture is to gain an instantaneous understanding of the very essence of a creature's spirit.

Dr. Donald Linsdale, Curator, Oakland Museum
airport pegasus wire sculpture Berrien's magnificent Pegasus sculpture has become a beloved landmark. It has permanently affected the flow of foot traffic within this airport.

James F. Thompson, Chairman, Louisville International Airport
...a pioneer in the field of textile wire sculpture...

Lolli Jacobsen, Textile Arts Director, Mendocino Art Center

.. thanks for your outstanding lecture and demonstration at the Crocker Art Museum. Those who approached me afterward said it was the best they had ever attended...

Norma Kelson, Program Director Kingsley Art Club, Crocker Art Museum

...while I generally do not make referrals for artists, I am holding [Berrien's] material to show the other curators at our next meeting...

Valerie Fletcher, Curator, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

We would consider booking (your) show... You have a unique and fascinating approach to sculpture. I was most intrigued by it. It certainly shows your ingenuity and artistic ability.

Nancy W.Beers, Administrative Director,National Geographic Society Explorers Hall I think you will become (in your medium) as well known as Robert Bateman. I wish you the best - George Jakobi, wildlife gallery owner

...you are the recipient of a cash award for your entry in 'California Small Works'. Thanks so much for contributing to the quality and diversity of the show...

Duane Jones, Director, California Museum of Art

Since your last show with us generated more excitement and sales than any previous artworks shown in the same space, we invite you to exhibit with us again...

Shelley Stefanyszyn, Public Relations Manager, Neiman-Marcus

It it certainly unique and wonderful. We have never seen anything like this before.

Steven Makovenyi, Exhibit Director, Smithsonian Institute

Your wire sculptures are amazing; truly breathtaking! I have been a fan of Calder.. that is how I was introduced to wire sculpture, but your work goes way beyond even Calder! If I hit the lottery I would love to fill my house and yard with your work...simply WOW!!

Aileen Hammer, educator
World Class Wire Sculpture · Elizabeth Berrien (707) 445-4931 · email wireladye@yahoo.com

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elizabeth berrien's bbc wire sculpture illustration wins the Clio award 2008.
CLIO 2008
elizabeth berrien's wire sculpture illustration wins two coveted cannes gold lions in 2008.
Cannes Festival
Double Gold
elizabeth berrien's wire sculpture illustration wins two coveted ADC gold cubes in 2008
Double Gold
elizabeth berrien's wire sculpture illustration wins the coveted Obie Best of Show award 2008.
Best of Show
elizabeth berrien's wire sculpture illustration wins two coveted Andy gold awards 2008.
Andy Double Gold
elizabeth berrien's wire sculpture illustration wins one show gold pencil awards 2008.
One Show Gold Pencil
elizabeth berrien's wire sculpture illustration wins double grand awards at London International Awards2008.
London International
Double Grand